"Kathputli is a story of poise, love, relations and regrets. The story rotates around Mehr-u-nisa, a vivacious young lady naturally introduced to a male predominant family unit. Mehr-n-Nisa dreams of an effective expert life yet is limited by limitations which keeps her far from seeking after her fantasies. Mehr-n-Nisa's freinds take her to a farmhouse to commend their accomplishment in exams where she meets her inescapable destiny by hands of a TV journalist.

The episode imprints Mehr-n-Nisa's nobility and respect however her actual enduring starts when her own family and life partner blame her for wrong doings and exile her.What was the occurrence that prompted to the demolition of such a blameless soul? Will the correspondent compensate for his error and will Mehr ever excuse him and her family for not putting stock in her purity?"